Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Famous [22”x15”, collage & mixed media]

collage still life2

I put this collage together using tissue paper stained with fluid acrylics.  I tore pieces from the paper that were tulip-like colors and pasted them on to a watercolor paper previously stained with acrylics and on which I had stamped purple and green.  After the collage was dry, I painted into it extensively.

In this case, the base [below] doesn’t appear to make much difference – you can see only a little bit of it in the dark band in the background.  However, the support reminded me of the collage papers, which reminded me of tulips, which got me working towards this.  I’ve been struggling to  find inspiration lately so finding inspiration from a “start” like this is critical.  Enjoy!collage still life base


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