Thursday, November 25, 2010

Frosty [watercolor monoprint on BFK Rives paper]

Last year I used watercolor paint straight from the tube and plastic Yupo “paper” to build a monoprint plate of this snowman.  I’ve had it tucked away in my studio.  Yesterday I scrounged up a piece of BFK Rives printmaking paper and processed the print.  However, a quick read of my blog post from last March 16 would have been a good idea – I forgot to blot the paper before printing.  As a result of the extra water, this print is a little blurry…  it adds to the snowy feel though so I don’t mind it.  Here are the images:

Watercolor on Yupo plate         Print –muzzy as you can see!

IMG_0125      IMG_0130

This is what’s left on the yupo paper after the print. 




Happy Thanksgiving to my USA friends and family!

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  1. Great process, Cheryl. And love the images as well. Happy Thanksgiving to you as well.