Sunday, November 21, 2010

If You Could See Me Now [14”x11”,acrylic on canvas]

if you could see me now (2)

I’ve had another go at the colors on this painting.  Mostly I’m going back into this one to try to help me work through missing my brother.  This painting speaks to me of Chuck’s continued presence in our lives through the veil.  I know his spirit lives on. 

I believe that at times he is aware of what’s going on as part of “the great cloud of witnesses” cheering us on to victory in our lives.  He’s much more able to intercede on our behalf from there.  He’s also busy learning all the ropes up there and Kiya [she’s just coming up to her 2 year birthday] has got Papa on a steep learning curve I’m sure!  Lots of people to show him around to.  I can imagine how wonderful it was for him to finally hold that little one in his arms.  I can imagine him sitting around visiting with those that have gone before and enjoying their company. 

If I asked him if he’d rather be here with us I can imagine him saying “sometimes sis.  But, you’d be glad for me if you could see me now.  Well, I am glad for him…  just not so much for the rest of us.  But, this week I promise to work a bit harder at entering into the Christmas spirit.  Have a great week!


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