Monday, November 15, 2010

Three Sunflower Sisters start [acrylic, 11”x15”]


I started this transparently today and it was fun.   I’m really into the split compliment created by Pyrrole Orange/Phthalo Blue & Green Gold/Dioxazine Purple.  I think a fairly realistic array of colors can be created if one wishes to work realistically.  But, there is still  plenty of scope for the imagination.  Abstracting a subject’s color is lots of fun and a definite stretch for the imagination.  I hope to find some hard evidence one day to support my premise that puddling around in bright colors is good for one’s mental health.  I have anecdotal evidence that says it’s so.

I am working my way into quite a pile of these starts.  My plan is to work on several concurrently and, eventually, move them closer to finished.  Hope springs eternal!


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