Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Spring Bouquet [acrylic. 14”x10”]

nov 1 class piece

This was painted using an interesting technique from my mixed media class yesterday.  I started with splattering watered down fluid acrylic paint [Golden] over a piece of watercolor paper.  Most of the surface was covered in this way. When that dried, I used chalk to sketch the subject, being careful to make interesting negative shapes behind the flowers. 

Next I used juicy opaque yellow paint on the background and voila!!!  out popped the flower and table shapes.  A translucent [white and blue/green] paint was used to define the glass vase.  I then puttered with the flowers to define them better but left some of the dots and white paper showing through.  Then I painted a transparent reddish glaze [lots of water added] over the table area.  Once dry, I put the shadow in. 

I finished this at 2am and I am unrepentant!!!  I’ll get my days and nights straightened out eventually.  Really…  I WILL!  Ciao.


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